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A venir nouvelle INFINITY 1/8
Envoy par Judge 13/03/2015 12:02

Annoncée par un partenaire depuis déjà quelques temps,

REDRC publie un peu plus sur la future INFINITY 1/8 développée par Masao TANAKA

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infos et autres photos
Envoy par Judge 13/03/2015 12:32

D'autres photos dans le sujet sur RCTECH depuis janvier


Envoy par Ludov24 14/03/2015 19:43

Infinity Test run in Japan
Envoy par Philippe27 30/04/2015 19:36

Envoy par Philippe27 19/09/2015 20:21


INFINITY is the newest brand with improved performance and enrich product information for all global RC car drivers. Our main characteristic for this brand is Run Better. Attentive test runs identify characteristics of every material, configuration and rigidity of interlacing parts. Thus, INFINITY pursues Run Faster and Run in Pleasure on tracks. This product can bring the driver high possibility to win races in advantages and also to meet the demand for the driver who simply deserve to run cars in him/her leisurely satisfaction. The user is delighted at cars designed for "joy for obtaining" in pleasant hobby life.Our head quarter is in Japan. As you know, various companies related to RC can be find in Japan.

Our company hold the policy of products by MADE IN JAPAN. INFINITY expresses the spirit of Japanese craftsmanship, and it will continue creating products to all RC car users being satisfied.

Enjoy and be alive with INFINITY!

INFINITY 2016 1/8 Scale Gas Powered Racing Car
Envoy par Philippe27 11/03/2016 07:22

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